The mission of this website is to provide organizations a complete resource to create an incident response plan or in the event a data breach occurs, to provide emergency assistance to the organization.

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  • Training — Complimentary training on creating a data breach preparation plan, the legal implications of a data breach, in-house training for your IT staff and information on what to provide consumers when you have a data breach and why.
  • Notification Laws — A list of all the state laws for data breach notification and an interactive map to quickly look at the notification laws by state. You will also find a whitepaper with general guidelines on determining if and when you need to notify.
  • Research — The latest research on Data Breaches.
  • Breach Preparation Guides — Find terrific guides that have been published that provide guidance on creating a data breach preparation plans. These are good in crisis mode as well.
  • Solution Providers — A list of solution providers to assist a organizations in managing or preparing for a data breach.